My first post

December 27, 2009

Instead of building a house in Mexico over winter break, I’ve decided to write a blog.

It’s funny when intentions don’t pan out – like this year for the holidays. I thought about joining a group of kids from school who are constructing a home for a family just south of San Diego. But, after giving it some thought, it seemed better to come to Wilmington to catch up with a few old friends. Imagine my surprise when I found out everyone is in Tijuana with Habitat for Humanity.

Actually they’re in Dallas, Portland, L.A., San Francisco, New York, and a few in New Jersey. The Jewish ones don’t bother to come home this time of year anymore. Plus, it turns out that 70% of parents move out of Delaware once the nest is vacant.

So, the end of 2009 has been an exercise in being alone and slowing down. To me it feels like waiting in the lobby of an emergency room with a marble stuck up my nose.

It isn’t that bad. Here is Winter Break ’09 so far.

Day 1) I spent Christmas eve with my friend Liza’s family. After sixteen years, I’m old enough to call Liza’s mom “Ellen”, and for Ellen to make me a cocktail.

Day 2)  Christmas, I went to my boyfriend’s house. He’s requested a pseudonym for blogging, so he’s “John Montrose” here. John’s mom met my mom. I’m not sure how significant that is. (What are your thoughts? commentary welcome).

Day 3) Yesterday I visited my aunt and grandmother. They live together in Philadelphia. Aunt Mimi worried about the oil bill, Grandmom fell asleep during lunch, and I learned how to make mexican tacos a la PBS. Once we were back home, Mom and I wore fancy hats to a movie theater, and saw Up in the Air. I might see it again.

Each evening ended with three or four episodes of the Nanny. Nick at Nite has lost its spirit.

Today I’ve accepted the downtime, and escaped to a coffee shop in philly for most of the day.  Here’s the product of not being productive. Tonight I’m seeing Avatar 3D with John. More to follow…

I’m not sure why I’m doing this. I’m a medical student who used to write on a regular basis, and I miss doing that. Mostly, I’m blogging for my friends who read my gchat away messages. (Thanks for clicking on the link, guys!)

Anyway, about winter break (please keep reading):


3 Responses to “My first post”

  1. Liza Lou Says:

    Hey, you actually did start a blog. Also: you always called my mom Ellen. I like you.

  2. Crayolathief Says:

    Hi, Roz’s blog. Like what you’ve done with the place.

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