December 30, 2009

There’s a squash pie in the oven. holy crap. 

I’ve been back in Brooklyn for a full 23 hours. Shantal is swimming, Marcel is singing and losing feathers over something – meet the most uppity parakeet in New York – and the plants still have leaves. In short, the jungle is fine. 

As for the rest of the borough, who knows. It’s 18 degrees outside according to the internet. I’ve slipped into a domestic sloth after five days of trying to do stuff. Winter vacation is like quicksand, but not as bad.

By the way, Avatar is a visual miracle (and a writing catastrophe). Go see it.


One Response to “pie”

  1. the gov Says:

    I can vouch for Harlem still being here. Preserved in ice, so should last until the spring at the least.

    Glad to see you got this project rolling. Next stop, the moon.

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