December 31, 2009

Yesterday John and I went to what I imagine heaven or a perfect socialist society to be like. On the first floor everyone’s naked, hanging out in pools. There are groups of friends young and old, parents with their babies, and people by themselves enjoying the water. There’s a lounge with couches, a TV, and a few copies of the New York Times. The second floor is an open space with dozens of coffee tables and chairs, a buffet, and a valley of saunas. A jade sauna, an ice sauna, a sauna plated in gold, a sauna with color therapy booths, one that has walls made of salt, one that has walls made of Laotian mud, and frankly I could go on and on… but enough. The third floor has rows of lazyboys. The fourth floor has indoor, individualized Jacuzzis. It also has a door to the roof… where there are two more jacuzzies, along with two hot pools that have individual jacuzzies lining the perimeter. (This is where most of the couples hang out. Kind of a conception hotspot). 

Everything is just $35 for the whole day. 

I had the inevitable epiphanies that come from spending 8 hours in a spa. They were mostly reflections on things like the nature of time, the purpose of my career, and general ideas about how everything is connected. But, more importantly, the steam has evaporated 50% of what I learned last semester. And, for the first time since July, I am relaxed.


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  1. […] After AP, we went to a CD release party for Carlos Gomez, which restored my faith that people my age do still like poetry. JM and I snuck out half way through, picked up a bottle of champaign, oreos, and popcorn, and checked into a hotel. For the next two hours, it was just us, snacks & booze, a king sized bed, and True Lies. >>>sigh<<< The next morning we had brunch in Chelsea at an awesome belgian place [read: waffles with strawberries]. Finally, we spent the day in Queens at Spa castle. […]

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