Sham pain, Dan sing

January 1, 2010

2009 was like a relationship where I just didn’t fall in love; okay for the short term, but eventually it had to end. I have no regrets about me and 2009. We gave it our best shot.

To ring in ’10: First, pizza at a BYOB in Cobble hill with friends – me and John, Saha, Arjun, and a woman to be known as “Kim Snuffles”. We made our way to a party in Redhook… and had the living room to ourselves for the first 20 minutes. By 11, I decided we should go into Manhattan.

The second party was in Soho. There were lasers and balconies and excellent playlists. Make that exquisite playlists. We made it by 11:50 pm. I overdosed on champaign. We danced a lot (exquisite, I’m telling you!). I convinced someone I minored in fireworks in college. The champaign kicked in. I fell asleep for a few minutes, woke up, threw up in the bathroom, and then felt better and danced on the couch with the others. Bizarrely perfect. We left before sunrise. Kim and Saha went to Williamsburg. John M. and I got a bouquet of flowers and a sandwich.

In terms of today – breakfast at 3pm, prospect park, Revolutionary Road. There is still confetti in my shoe.


One Response to “Sham pain, Dan sing”

  1. the gov Says:

    Champaign for real friends, and real pain for sham friends!

    Also, I forgot the title.

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