January 4, 2010

I paid my tuition with a check card. How many reward points is THAT gonna earn me? And, can someone help me pick out a frame for the receipt? I’m going to put it on my ego wall if I ever have an office.

Here’s what I learned in school today, for thirteen grand:

“The heart is infinitely predictable” – (Autonomics lecture #1)

“People worry a lot about their skin when they’re young. But when you’re older you want your endothelium [blood vessel lining] to be pretty and smooth. That’s what’s going to save your life from a heart attack, which is probably going to kill most of us in this room.” – (Atherosclerosis lecture)

“I don’t take statins. I keep my cholesterol low with exercise, which upsets my wife when I spend all my free time at the gym. So, everything has a side effect.” – (Atherosclerosis lecture)

Happy birthday Jessica and Joy. January fourth breeds good peoples.


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