Hard Drugs

January 6, 2010

Welcome back to medical school, Roz. To ease you into the learning process, here is an overcaffienated professor with 132 power point slides about uppers – text only of course; we know how distracting those diagrams can be. By the way, the sky is bluer than ever. We thought  we should let you know since the lecture hall doesn’t have windows… Anyway, enjoy learning about ADHD.

So — they’re teaching us about Meth, MDMA, Cocaine, and every study drug known and unknown to man and woman. If I were College Roz – the neuroscience majoring, syringe exchange researching, coffee injecting pre-med sophomore – I would be eating this shit up. I used to love studying this stuff. Med school, why are you six years too late? We would have been so happy together in 2003!

Some of you might not know that I wanted to be a child psychiatrist for a long time. Hence the neuroscience major. Now it’s not as clear. Dabbling in harm reduction with IV drug users certainly complicated my attitude towards substance use. I guess I’m preoccupied by the threshold between what is abuse (e.g. Ritalin to study) and what is treatment (Ritalin for ADHD ); and all the debates tangled into those discussions. When I was a kid my good friend took ritalin for ADHD treatment. Part of me wondered if the drugs helped him get better grades than me. (I was so jealous at the time.) Knowing him now, I’m pretty sure he really is that smart.

On that note, back to the podcast. One more lecture to go. Say a prayer for my attention span.


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