Getting my money’s worth

January 13, 2010

I’m a stingy bastard. This is all thanks to my cheapskate father, who wouldn’t buy us fruit snacks as a kid because they were too expensive (but would probably purchase a Romanian eggplant juicer if it was on sale).

Student health insurance is required at SUNY. What kind of shenanigans can make health insurance worth it?

I’ve  found the fanciest PCP in New York for starters. We’re talking leather couches in the waiting room of his Soho private practice. Last month I fell flat on concrete and banged my knee.Hard. Hard enough to go to the doctor? For sure, thanks to health insurance! Good thing he referred me to a orthopedist, so I can get a procedure. You know, to rule out other expensive injuries that I wouldn’t be able to afford on my own.

Hey, while we’re at it, my arm has been kind of tingling. What’s that Doc? It could be a bit of nerve damage from carrying a twenty pound backpack for 16 years of my life? Why, I’d love to get that checked out. Hooray! A neurologist referral!

I’ve found an eye doctor to make sure I don’t have glaucoma, a psychologist to help me deal with stress, a obgyn to help with my love life… Yep, health insurance is exciting…

If only they gave dental. By the way, unwaxed unflavored floss is not worth saving thirty cents.


3 Responses to “Getting my money’s worth”

  1. Miriam Says:

    Love your blog, Roz. I love a good bargain and frugality myself, though a splurge every now and then is essential. Glad you have your doctors set up. As for me, I was always nervous about going to doctors, but I do it! Some people are so nonchalant or they even like going!

  2. the gov Says:

    Didn’t know the hypochondria had kicked in with such force. You know, I hear tingling is a symptom of fibromyalgia.

    • buramoe2 Says:

      dude, it’s not hypochondria. It’s economics. If school made me buy thousands of dollars worth of ketchup each semester, I would have it everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner, and then I’d use the leftovers to paint my living room. gross.

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