January 25, 2010

: : : : :  e  x  h  a  l  e  : : : : :

I passed.

Considering the number of lucky guesses, I’d be more to likely to kill my patients than heal them. Thank god I’m not, like, a doctor or anything… Maybe cardiology isn’t my thing. It still seems like glorified plumbing. Clogged pipes, figuring out what’s backed up, all that. Don’t misread – I am NOT looking down my nose to any cardiologist (or plumber). It’s a tough job that requires a lot of intelligence, and a certain type of imagination I might be lacking. At any rate, on to the respiratory system.

Over the weekend I took a study break and bought a plane ticket to Beirut. This wasn’t purely a caffeine-induced impulse. I’ll be gone for a few weeks this summer. If you want a post card email me your address.

Did I mention my sweetheart has returned from battle? :::::sigh::::: John Montrose is back from the trenches of his independent filmmaking! Tonight we’re celebrating his safe return (and our anniversary). In other words, I have a hot date tonight. OMG

Please say a prayer to mother nature for clear skies. Manhattan was an umbrella graveyard this afternooon.


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