Good Morning TB

February 2, 2010

Today might be a heavy blogging day. On the agenda for the SUNY D second years are five — FIVE — hours of required –REQUIRED– non-lecture-small-group. Meaning, I could be studying, but the powers-that-be would rather have me sitting in a lab. writing on my blog.

First on the menu, Histopathology. Two hours staring at pictures of pink and purple smudges (lung and immune cells) alongside photos of decaying slabs of spongy tissue (lung). We’re about one hour into it. Case I: Tuberculosis. Have I mentioned I have an upper respiratory infection? Here we all are, sitting around a table, patiently listening to our professor explain  s   l   o   w   l   y about the clinical presentation of TB, and I’m hacking up enough phlegm to pass for an 18th century romantic poet. Did you know that TB killed off practically every great European author, composer, and painter? Not to mention a few athletes, scientists and politicians. If you didn’t die of TB back then, you died of syphilis (like Ben Franklin, founder of my Alma Mater!)

Voltaire died of TB

Speaking of illnesses, did I mention I have cancer? I mean hypochondria. I mean cancer.  Okay, I have this thing on my hand. It  looks like a freckle, except a strange freckle. I swear it’s changed shape since the summer. And it’s got two colors. and irregular borders; I mean, it’s definitely not malignant, but maybe it’s melanoma. nevermind. I’m sure it’s fine… right?

This afternoon we have a three hour lab scheduled. I think we’re going to take phlegm samples and culture them. The good news is if we’re short on supplies, I brought extra. >>hack hack hack<<

Half an hour left of pink and purple smudges. Time to pay attention. ish.


2 Responses to “Good Morning TB”

  1. Morgan Says:

    “did i mention i have cancer? i mean hypochondria. i mean cancer.”
    srsly, a new favorite quote. makes me gol.

  2. Arjun Says:

    If TB is the second-biggest killer after HIV, does that mean that before HIV came around it was the first-biggest killer? Or does it only really kill people with HIV?

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