Mind Body Diner

February 3, 2010

Hello from the Lower East Side. It’s just me, a cup of decaf, and smooth jazz here at the Remedy Diner. I would like to take a moment to highly recommend this place. They sell free refill coffee for a dollar, in spite of the high starbucks-per-capita locale. Oh man, the jazz just got funkier.

To recap the adventures of a Wednesday:

We had our physical-exam exam at school this morning. Shout to my pal Rachael(!) for being my partner. Only a true friend would let you palpate her spleen. The past two nights I practiced these maneuvers on “my roommate” – as John Montrose and I refer to each other when we’re talking to the internet guy about who will be home between 8a.m. and 11 a.m. Anyhow, My Roommate Montrose threw me a few curve balls, which every physician should be ready for. What do you do if a patient is INCREDIBLY sensitive about your cold hands? What if they insist it’s only fair that you undress too? What if they threaten not to pay the rent if you don’t? By the way, a stethoscope doubles as a weapon.

Bottom line, Rachael and I passed with flying colors.

Then I broke up with my therapist in the afternoon. For the regular readers, you might remember my mission to get my money’s worth out of health insurance. Funny how I don’t mind a $20 copay every week as long as I know United Healthcare is shelling out $130 on top of that.  Last August I figured, maybe a shrink would help with school stress. And she did. She gave me a lot of advice. It was such good advice that, well, I think I’m fine now. Lately during our sessions I just sit on the couch and try to figure out if there’s anything I need to “work on”…. My relationship is great right now. Aaaand… School’s going OK…. Hmmmm ….Wait! It’s cold, the weather is shitty! But I don’t blame myself for that one…Gosh…After last week’s session I knew it was time to put things on hiatus. She saw it coming too, and it might have been the smoothest break up ever. I told her I’d give her a call in a month to check in. I feel a huge weight lifted now that I’m not yet-another-female-twenty-something in Brooklyn with a therapist. It’s bad enough being a Jewish medical student – one more cliche and I might have keeled over.

The rest of today was spent studying aloud while I walked around Manhattan. Yes, this qualifies me for someone at risk for schizophrenia. But I think that guy on his cell phone who kept looking back at me really wanted to hear about Fungal Respiratory Drugs.


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