February 24, 2010

I know, long time no write. Sorry. Blame diabetes, and/or my new obsession with figuring out how the disease works. Trust me, it’s fascinating.

This might be the bias of someone who was raised by an endocrinologist… He explained the field to 5-year-old me by diagnosing Cookie Monster with Graves disease [googly eyes], a testosterone imbalance [hence the funny voice, voracious appetite, and lots of fur], plus he’s at risk for diabetes if he doesn’t switch from cookies to carrots. That went over great in my kindergarten presentation.

Today I was trying to remember the names of all seven dwarfs. (Welcome to my mind). I’ve been empathizing a lot with Sleepy and Grumpy. I hear the weather is going to shape up next week. Hopefully I’ll get a little closer to being Happy, or dare I say… Doc?


3 Responses to “Yo”

  1. furrydoc Says:

    cookie is actually an individual with congenital adrenal hyperplasia, i think. his privates are ambiguous, voice somewhat deep and there is a substantial amount of hirsutism. what is troubling is the lack of unification of the two disorders with graves being of immunologic origin and congenital adrenal hyperplasia being a genetic problem, either an inherited or new mutation of the gene that regulateds one of the enzymes in cortisol production.

    both the hyperthyroidism and excess production of cortisol precursor substances can be improved by steroids, however, so there is still some measure of unity in medical care

  2. the gov Says:

    I think he needs a lumbar puncture 😉

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