Request from Steve

February 26, 2010

About a month ago I introduced you to my friend Steve. I threatened to write about him if he ever stopped reading. Today I received a threat from Steve – if I don’t start writing actual entries again, instead of the BS one liners I’ve been pulling lately, there could be hell to pay.

Steve, thanks for keeping up with the blog.

To recap my day…. I woke up at 8, got out of bed at 8:25, read an email that we have a Snoooooww daaaaay, went back to bed at 8:38.

This is surely a blessing, and a sign that I have permission from the gods to chill out. Have you ever had one of those weeks/months/years/careerpaths when everything seems urgent? So, no matter what you do, you’re NOT doing something else. If I study the thyroid, I’m not learning the parathyroid. If I’m screwing up an EKG machine read in Labor and Delivery, I’m not botching a blood draw attempt. I know. What’s a girl to do?

Maybe this is why I like the endocrine system. Hormones are kind of the ultimate multi taskers. Low Calcium in the Blood? No problem – PTH (parathyroid hormone) will not only help soke some extra calcium from your bones for damage control; it goes to the kidneys to make sure you don’t pee any more calcium out, AND it increases activation of Vitamin D so your can get more calcium from your diet. I mean, come on, that’s amazing.

What. Was that dorky?  Shut up. You think it’s cool too.

Anyways, my day: for three hours I puttered around the apartment trying to do several important things at once, like make hummus from scratch (success!) learn about various glands (satisfactory) and print out lecture slides (failure – out of ink). By 1pm it was time for… sledding!

This is what snow days are really about. They don’t exist for catching up on work. They are spontanious sabbaths, meant for sleeping in, speeding down hills on flimsy plastic in order to crash into either a snow bank or a ten year old, and finally having time to blog about it.

Huge shout outs to Jess for the invitation , Anna for providing the death vehicle, Jon for teaching me to sled standing up, and Jamie for encouraging children to put their lives at risk.


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