Live from New York

February 27, 2010

It’s Saturday morning.

Two buddies are in town from Philly – which I still think of as my ancestral hometown. That’s how it works in Kenya. There’s the place where you work [Nairobi, New York, and so on] – then there’s the place where you, your mom, your grandmom, all the way back to the Adam and Eve of your family were born and raised. Yeah, I know Wilmington, DE is not Philadelphia. However Philly is the hometown of my material lineage dating back to Great Great Grandma Esther Dina. The synagogue on 6th and Lombard? My great great aunt Tessie was totally the president of the sisterhood. Eagles fight song? My great uncle Charles totally wrote that tune (under the name roger cortland. look it up). Liberty bell? I totally went there on field trips… ummm. yes. And I hung out in Philly when I was in high school… and then went to college there… and lived there for two years after, which makes six years all together. So, point is, Philly = hometown. Sort of. It’s complicated.

Anyway, Will and Mike, it’s great having you around this weekend. Makes Brooklyn feel a little more like home. Keep an eye out for the snowball I’m going to throw at your face.  love, roz


One Response to “Live from New York”

  1. Liza Lou Says:

    You can’t ignore our siren call forever young lady. You’ll be back one day, at least that’s what I tell myself to get through these long winters days…

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