Hola from the couch

March 8, 2010

Just me here on the couch with John Montrose – reading over my shoulder… how’s that for internet censorship?

(That got’m up.)

I hope you appreciate the effort I’m putting in for this post. I’m completely wiped out. Last night I was on this very same couch, coughing until 5 a.m. like the apartment was on fire. I ask you this: is it any coincidence that cough and couch are practically the same word?

In spite of a sleepless night I learned a few things this morning.

1) You can print a poster at Kinkos via the internet.

2) FedEx owns Kinkos. Don’t be fooled.

3) The DMV opens at 8:30, but the line starts at 7:30.

4) If you lose your drivers license, then replace it, then find the first one, then lose the second one, the original is still good. Don’t bother going to the DMV.

5) Parakeets snore I think. Or, my radiator sounds like a parakeet snoring.

Most importantly, I finally went to my doctor about this asthma/emphysema/TB/COPD/bug I’ve caught. Now I have an arsenal of steroids and antibiotics. Thanks Duane Reade, whoever you are. I should be able to inhale again by Wednesday.

Speaking of non sequiturs, here’s a joke… Two fish were in a tank. One says to the other, “Do you know how to drive this thing?”


2 Responses to “Hola from the couch”

  1. saha Says:

    6) Duane Reade is actually named after an intersection in Manhattan, not a person. On Broadway between Dauane Street and Reade Street. That’s where the first one started and the name stuck. New York Trivia!

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