Where’s the speed bump?

March 10, 2010

Life is accelerating. Today I had bedside preceptor shift and Catch and Cut back to back. Promise to write about those tomorrow, but I have to pack right now… I’m going to Disneyland. Really. Mickey and I will be chattin’ about medical education while spinning wildly in a tea cup at the AMSA convention. The plane takes off this evening.

Here’s a very tiny image of the poster that’s proverbially flying me and my pal Liz to Anaheim.Stories Forum

In other news, a quick shout out to my friend Lori. She and I are coming up with track titles for our 50’s girl band album [think Doris Day, pepto pink record sleeve with white font]. The song lyrics are based on Lori’s love life. So far we have three hit singles in mind: “He loves me I think”, “I’m okay with it”, and “I was trying to figure out the best way to text him and let him off the hook, but help him to still feel like a hero”. The last one might be a B side.

EP coming out this summer.


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