A Very Special Episode of Catch and Cut: 24

March 15, 2010

Disclaimer: for mature audiences, and you.

24 hours is not that long for the first 12. Then it becomes a sweeping eternity. Next year I plan to whine about it (stay tuned!).

There were two C-sections, two vaginal births, all four babies were boys. Such tiny blue caps, oh man, you would melt.

When I started school, there was no way in hell I would have considered a field that involved surgery. Plus the tomboy in me still cringes a little at the thought of a career in women’s health. “Really Roz? Gyn? Christ that’s girly.” I’ll admit obgyn and all its procedures are starting to intrigue me… I still have a few hesitencies. For one, it’s been frustrating to see a patient introduce herself to her doctor the same day she gives birth. Maybe that’s just the type of deliveries I’ve attended, I can’t generalize. But the whole reason I went into medicine is because of the so-called doctor-patient relationship. That made OB in a hospital an unlikely match.

This is how I felt until the second C-section of my 24 hour call.

Dr.B’s patient was a 17-year-old delivering her first baby. Her friends and the father came. Make no mistake: a teenager in labor is just as obnoxious and impatient and self-entitled as any teenager. Not to mention her — supportive — friends. Over and over – Where’s Dr. B?! When she comin? (Eyes rolling) That’s what the NURSE said FIFTEEN MINUTES ago. Ain’t you got nothin new? WhatEVER.

But Dr. B arrived, and all attitude dissolved.

I will never forget the image of this young mother-to-be leaning her head on Dr. B’s shoulder in the OR, her gown hanging off her neck, as an epidural needle inched it’s way into the woman’s back. “Ahhh, it hurts Dr. B!” “It’s okay sweety, I’m here.”

Then later, as she was suturing the patient: “Dr. B we done yet??? I’m getting huungry.” “We’ll be done soon enough. I’m trying to help you get your sexy body back, so you keep quiet or I’m going to put a staple in you”. All said very lovingly, I swear.

So who knows. Maybe patients do have a relationship with their obstetricians nowadays…

Don’t jump to conclusions. I am not not not deciding my specialty yet. Besides, choosing to be an obstetrician when you’re a woman in her mid twenties who just spent 24 hours with newborns… Well, it’s like starving yourself for three days, going to the grocery store, then wondering how you ended up with 16 packages of oreos.

I would love to write about every anectdote.My entire weekend was devoured by this on-call thing. Blogging must take a seat on the back burner this week. Now, to decipher the kidney…


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