March 18, 2010

In February I went to a neurologist because my arm was tingling. He called me back last week and asked me to come in again. He was worried that my reflexes were too fast. In order to not scare me, he said “I don’t want to scare you…”

I went yesterday. Good news: I’m fine.  And, now I know drinking 3 shots of espresso heightens my reflexes. I spent the rest of the day making flash cards in Manhattan.

For those not in New York, it’s sooooooooooo nice outside (oooo — ok, i’m done). Also, yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day, so everyone was drunk and happy. I’ve been wondering about these folks who were trashed by noon. Were they Irish? Did they have day jobs?

There’s an Irish bar next to the center where I go for meditation class. One Buddhist theory is that people are vulnerable to bad influences at dusk. In the Far East, monks make sure to meditate at sunset to protect’ themselves. In New York, people go to happy hour.

Last night was our last meditation class. We talked about complaining (try not to), facebook (only friend request twice), and what to do if someone is about to pick your pocket (lovingly hit them with your umbrella).

On the way home I bought 4 records from a street vendor. John Montrose planted a studio seed in our apartment, and now an electric drum kit and record player have sprouted. Spring is HERE! Last night we listened to “The Sensational 60s Greatest Hits”. They were great.


One Response to “Green”

  1. furrydoc Says:

    i asked a friend from ireland about st. patrick’s day in ireland. he tells me it is a little like rosh hashana where people go to mass in the morning and celebrate with family later in the day. the drunkeness, and for those of us who were ever doctor’s in boston or at any VA, the need to dry people out on the 18th and 19th is largely and american custom.

    it is no coincidnece that st patty’s day come in proximity of purim where jews who do not drink to intoxication with great regularity reserve some time to get buzzed. but since the consumption is acute rather than chronic, the following day is met with a hangover rather than d.t.s

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