Overdue Blog Post

March 25, 2010

Setting: Coffee shop on the corner, Franklin Ave and St. John’s. 10:48 a.m. The weather transitions from a beautiful spring morning to a cloudy afternoon. The cafe window faces Franklin. A group of teenage boys loiter by a mailbox. A young woman with a tote bag, wearing a trench coat walks by them; two more women push shopping carts filled with newspapers, delivering subscriptions; a Fed Ex truck, a cop, a mom.

Soundtrack: Amy Winehouse’s album Frank

Character: Me, waiting for my laundry to finish

And…. Scene.

This blog is sadly becoming like all my other attempts at journaling. I start off with a bang, then get distracted/busy/lazy/[you pick an adjective].

This week’s excuse: I had to figure out how the kidney works. Claire said “under the table” but unfortunately the kidney’s tax evasion wasn’t on the exam.

Anyway, to recap the past weekend, and the days that followed.

Friday I studied like a schizophrenic – walking around brooklyn with my flashcards, mumbling to myself. Suddenly I noticed I was the only one wearing colored clothing. The only one without a beard. You know what I’m getting at. I was in the belly of Chasidic East Williamsburg, on the afternoon before shabbos no less. Challah went to the ceiling in every bakery, flowers were selling like hotcakes on the street corners. I love shabbos. Unfortunately I don’t quite look the part, and a few kind women (with a duckling-line of kids) asked me several times if I was lost.

The point is I found kosher rotisserie chicken. Fast forward to Tuesday, when I dragged John Montrose there and we split a bird.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Study study study.

Tuesday. Spilt all my knowledge onto the multiple choice pages. Then went to the hospital for Bedside 101 and interviewed the sweetest grandma. Ate a Chicken with JM, saw a few creepy short films which made me respect the Oscars even less, and learned about crossword puzzles. Did you know that one guy has been making all the Sunday puzzles for the San Francisco Chronicle for more than 20 years?

Yesterday. Hung out with my little bro. He’s into neuroscience. It was Plotzker and Plotzker talking about the limbic system – and a little bit about diabetes – over a pastrami sandwich. The carnage continued.

Oh! I have 2 important announcements:

1) Spring break starts tomorrow. I’ll be away. These blog posts are temporarily going from scanty to none.

2) Today is the season finale of Catch and Cut. Hope it’s a good episode.

On that note, time to change the laundry.


3 Responses to “Overdue Blog Post”

  1. alibaba Says:

    where are you going for sp break?

  2. lisa Says:

    um, when I made yummy chicken you were a “vegetarian” but here I am read about you eating chicken (twice, I think) and pastrami. shame on you roz plotker, shame on you.

    • buramoe2 Says:

      First and foremost I am not a vegetarian. Maybe if you had been trying to feed me something kosher I would have indulged. Don’t the words Empire Chicken mean anything to you? For shame, lisa, for shame.

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