Welcome Back

April 5, 2010

…And the journey continues.

The secrets of spring break will remain top secret. Here are a few multiple choice questions (MCQ’s for the acronym-loving nerds out there) for you to mull over:

1) Roz and John Montrose traveled to
a. Tom’s Diner on the corner of sterling and washington
b. California
c. Canada
d. Euro disney
e. Queens

2) During vacation R & JM argued
a. once
b. twice
c. thrice
d. fourice
e. fivice
e. zeroice
f. yes, i wrote ‘e’ twice(ice)

3) Roz is excited to get back to her study routine
a. no
b. no
c. no
d. no
e. yes… wait, no
f.  no

4) During their trip, R &JM practiced
a. Spanish
b. Karate
c. Piano
d. Yoga
e. Endocrinology

5) We ____ a whale
a. Ate
b. Adopted
c. Watched
d. Saved
e. Rode
f. Were swallowed by

I O U the finale of Catch and Cut, which was reliably dramatic… dun dun dun

On a final note – shout outs to my friend Jen Sang and her cat D-Bow. Good to see ya today. UOMe a comment.


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