For the Union Makes Us Strong and Forgetful

April 16, 2010

The little gray cells in my head are on strike. For the past week they have refused to memorize, concentrate, create, complete sentences, read, do math, recall facts, or for that matter make up witty comebacks. The spelling neurons are the only ones who haven’t changed their work ethic, since they never worked in the first place.

In a way, I’m proud of their decision to unionize.  They have been overworked without benefits for months. A neuron in med school is like a child in a sweatshop, a woman in a shirtwaste factory, a coal miner in the 1880’s.  Now they’ve formed their own brainy Knights of Labor. I’ve tried bribing them with more sleep. No dice. I’ve tried baiting them with caffeine. They still resist. The neurons united will never be defeated.

There are high demands, which I’m not sure I can meet: the neurons want more social interaction, more entertainment (especially concerts and cartoon network), more art, more music, more movies, more naps, more fun. We are in negotiations. Since a quiz is coming up next week, I’m eager to work things out so we can get back to work.

Okay, now that microbiology lab is over it’s time to sign out.

Viva La Weekend.


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