Doc Star

April 26, 2010

If a med student lives alone, and no one is there to see her study, will she still go crazy?

It’s been a crazy enough week that I haven’t had much time to [pick a verb]. After coaxing my brain cells to memorize every chromosomal abnormality in every type of tumor, every bacterial infection,  and every goddamn protein in every stupid virus that might cause someone to have any kind of neurological symptom… I found out last Tuesday that the test writers are more curious about the nerves in the arm. Go figure.

So, I briefly gave up. That night in my vulnerable state I got suckered into spending $30 on a manicure-haircut-massage thing. Then John Montrose and I went out for dinner, learned about japanese sword fighting, and saw Shepard Fairey making a mural. Sounds glamorous, I know. But a post test slump is hard to overcome. JM left the next day for a month long battle in Fort Lauterdale. The slump got slumpier. I didn’t care about brushing my teeth before bed; I lived on the left over matzo from passover with remnants from a brick of cheddar. I cried twice by myself, and once on a friend’s shoulder. I STOPPED BLOGGING. Dark days.

Luckily, this wallowing in self pity seems to be passing. It can’t last forever. It’s only a matter of time before you resort to acupuncture, chinese herbs (careful with those; they can wake you up at night), and whatever other advice the internet has for anxiety. When those are taking too long to kick in, there’s not much left to do but print out more notes, vacuum the living room, and try to understand how anesthesia works. I’m still trying.

In spite of all the umbrellas propped open today, things are starting to look a little brighter. I went to a good concert Saturday night. I highly recommend this band if you haven’t already heard of them (shout out to my friend Saha and new friend Tim!)

Two miracles from today are worth announcing.

– My friend Mirra had a Daughter this morning.

– Today was our last case based learning session

Good news is great. Don’t lose your umbrella.


One Response to “Doc Star”

  1. suzanne Says:

    hi roz! smile 🙂
    we met awhile back at hobby — and i wanted to officially say “hi”


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