Practice quiz question # 77

April 27, 2010

A bit of insight into my medical education:

A 35-year-old anesthesiologist decided to kill her 68-year old husband (a malpractice lawyer) for monetary reasons. As a former Honor Student in Pharmacology, she decided that in order to commit the “Perfect Murder” (death due to natural appearing causes with no trace of violence or poison as determined by a Medical Examiner), she would:
A) arrange to have the ground floor bedroom saturated with carbon monoxide from his idling car, while he slept and she was on call at the hospital.
B) have him inject himself with a fatal dose of succinylcholine in lieu of his required insulin.
C) put cyanide in his prune juice which he drank every morning.
D) put arsenic in his elderberry wine which he drank every night.

2 Responses to “Practice quiz question # 77”

  1. Melanie Says:

    My guess is “B” and that sometimes test makers forget the hypocratic oath:)

  2. buramoe2 Says:

    A+ mel mel!

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