<3 Land

April 29, 2010

After 24 hours at the University of Iowa I am considering a change in career path.

I just finished listening to the director of the writers workshop talk about writing. Fifteen minutes into her talk my insidious inner monologue began with its usual nostalgia. “Roz, remember when you took those writing classes in college? They were so much fun…”

The director continued about why “writers” “write”. Meanwhile, I envisioned myself waking up at 9, putting on a pot of coffee, and sitting at the computer to compose my next great sentence. My potential life flashed before my eyes. In my fantasy, I worked for an hour, then took a break to go for a walk, or grocery shop, or whathaveyou, followed by another 2 or 3 hours of more extraordinarily inspired sentence writing. The rest of the afternoon had more whathaveyous, which might include a happy hour. In the evening I committed a final hour to edit what I’d written earlier. A perfect 4-5 hour workday.

This may be a grass is greener thing. Once I spent a summer writing a book proposal. When it was finished, I was so sick of sitting at my laptop (and so good at finding reasons to not sit) that I reconsidered sending it out. It was bad enough to write a 60 page proposal… now I have to write an entire book?!

Anyway, the point is I’ve got this here blog as an outlet, which is good for me for now.

p.s. Today I gave a talk about some poems I wrote while I was volunteering in Kenya. It went well.


2 Responses to “<3 Land”

  1. Big Roz Fan Abe Says:

    “p.s.”: Where was this talk! A talk on your poems, where was I? I request (demand) an encore of this talk.

  2. Mitch Says:

    poems about cats? ahhh memories

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