okay. I’m back again.

May 15, 2010

A real blog entry! What?!?! 

First, to apologize for my absence: Sorry. 

Second, my excuse: I was in a coma. Here’s what happened…

I was walking home from school. It was a beautiful day in Flatbush. The sounds of catcalling and teenage girl drama filled the air with a melody as sweet as  a Rachmaninoff piano concerto – or the Rhianna song that is continually blasted from the electronic store on Nostrand and  Midwood. Who doesn’t love a little extra bass now and then? 

All of a sudden the high pitched sounds of an ice cream truck pierced through the music of Flatbush. A 5 year old boy excitedly let go of his mother’s hand. He ran to the corner, then attempted to cross. A huge black car sped towards him, unknowing of it’s murderous potential. I lunged to the boy and grabbed him just the vehicle hit us both. We bounced off the windshield. The last thing I remember is falling to the street and the back of my head hitting the pavement. I had a diffuse axonal injury with contrecoup and also a subarachnoid hematoma (Thanks neuro trauma lecture!). I was out for just over a week. In my comatose state I was unable to type. Like I said, sorry for my absence.

Now that I’m awake it’s time to prepare for the boards. Hopefully I can also make up for lost time and get this here blog up and running again.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures about rescuing kittens, solving international crimes, and, of course, studying.


One Response to “okay. I’m back again.”

  1. vanessa Says:

    OMG Heroin Roz. I’m at a loss for words.

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