Seriously, I didn’t get hit by a car.

May 17, 2010

To be perfectly clear: I was not hospitalized, nor hit by car, nor did I save a child’s life. Everything about that blog entry was a complete fake.  I got an email from my Aunt Heleen who was in tears because she was worried (SORRY AGAIN Aunt Heleen). Then she was upset that my mom hadn’t told her. Thank god Grandmom doesn’t know how to use the internet.

On to other news. Did you know that allopurinal will eventually prevent a urate kidney stone? Me neither! Crazy, right? Studying for the boards… Where to begin… For the med school friends, my heart goes out to you in solidarity. For anyone who finished med school more than 20 years ago, with all due respect, you don’t know how good you had it. I think my dad told me he studied for a week. There just wasn’t as much to learn. But now… jesus.  Yeah sure, all the new treatments are great, polio is almost gone, there are so many cool gene therapies blah blah blah. It means more for me to study. Stupid technological advancement. grumble grumble.

For those of you not in the medical field, maybe this will help clarify what my friends and I are going through: Imagine when you played an instrument in high school. The trumpet or piano lessons or something. You were great, I’m sure. Ten years go by. You find your old horn/keyboard, sit to play the song that impressed all your friends, only to hear effed up notes and clumsy fingering. But you knew it cold once. Alright. Squish that decade into two years, during which the only thing you did was play music. Soon a big concert’s coming up. Time to practice. But, for some reason you’ve suddenly forgotten everything, as if it’s been a decade… or like you never played in the first place. Studying for the boards is sort of like that.

I have forgotten more than I thought I could ever know. Hopefully this amnesia will clear up over the next few weeks. (Good thing it’s not from a traumatic brain injury, huh?)


One Response to “Seriously, I didn’t get hit by a car.”

  1. Heleen Says:

    At least you know your readership is paying attention. !!

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