Pathology of the stars

May 24, 2010

Hey Roz, to help you remember the minutia of medicine, here are a million stories about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The pathology teacher for our prep course is from Beverly Hills. I might not understand cancer as well as I should… but did you know that Nick Carter of Backstreet Boy fame has dilated cardiomegaly? Plus, Brian Littell – the talented one – had a ventricular septal defect, and his son had Kawasaki’s disease. John Travolta didn’t have SCID for real, but he played someone who did in his first movie. As for Arnold, he had a mechanical aortic valve replacement — finally fulfilling his desinity to be part man, part machine. Unfortunately, it limits the amount of physical endurance he can handle. Now he has to reserve his stunts for politics.

Maybe if this medicine thing doesn’t work out I can get a gig with Us Weekly.


One Response to “Pathology of the stars”

  1. Craig Terry Says:

    Very great article. Honest..

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