5:30 again

May 26, 2010

the routine:

9 pm – tell self I will go to bed by 11. Set alarm for 6

10:30 pm – get ready for bed.

10:45 pm – one more youtube video.

11:30 pm – reset alarm for 6:15

11:40 pm – rereset alarm for 6:30

midnight-4:45am – dream about conspiracy theories & puppies

5:30 am – awake. why???? debate for 3 minutes whether or not to get up.

5:33 am – go back to sleep.

5:40 – 6:00 – tropical island spaceship dream

6:30 – alarm. snooze

6:40 – alarm, snooze

6:50 – alarm, snooze

6:58 – get out of bed for another morning of NPR fundraiser on the radio. This is the last chance I have for my donation to be matched. they need my support for quality programming. I would get a year subscription to the New Yorker. Fight the temptation.


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