100th Post

May 28, 2010

It occurred to me today that I’m training to be a doctor.

I read the 800th (literally) clinical vignette on our practice quiz website. Then the thought hatched: “SOMEDAY… I will be treating HUMAN BEINGS… because… THEY DON’T FEEL WELL… and I will make them feel… BETTER…


All year I studied to take tests. Every fact was filed so I could pick the correct answer. In my spare time I griped about a lack of time in hospitals, lack of patient exposure, saying how much I wanted to learn by doing. I actually did a 24 hour call for fun. I missed a great party that night. (bitter? sort of.)

Today I read about a kid who had brown spots all over her body. Then a carpenter had pain in his right knee, but hadn’t injured it. A 23 year old pregnant woman in her  third trimester was bleeding. Another guy had traveled to Brazil, slept with 4 prostitutes, was a pack-a-day smoker, and now he had a cardiac arrhythmia. I made that last one up, but these practice quizzes have some craziness.

I realized someday I really will have carpenters and speckled children and sex crazed travelers walking into an exam room. Suddenly my attention span shifted, and my quiz scores improved.

People on paper are not as exciting as people in reality. I think it goes like this, in order of interestingness: Reality>Gchat>facebook>Practice Quiz Vignettes>Blog Readers (only because you don’t leave me comments; when you do, you are bumped up between facebook and gchat).

A silver lining: treating imaginary patients is not dangerous. Today I misdiagnosed about 40 people. Better that they’re multiple choice questions for now. Reality will come soon enough.


One Response to “100th Post”

  1. Melissa Says:

    When real meets pretend is interesting. One day I was in class talking about a housing bubble and how the economy might crash, and then it happens.

    But, I think you’ll make the transition well. I think you’ll be in awe of feeling the pulse, or smiling at the awful smells, and then you’ll remember some menomic and figure it out.

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