Memorial Day weekend Part 1

May 29, 2010

I brought my thermos to the coffeeplace – it’s an offshoot of the grocery store by the subway. They opened a few months ago to keep up with the neighborhood’s recent cafe-going-clientele.

Me and the Coffee Guy at 7:30 am on Saturday. And Scene:

[I hand him my thermos.]

“May I rinse this for you? Not that it’s dirty, it’s just something we do as a courtesy.”

“Sure. I’m just having coffee. Milk no sugar.”

“No Problem! Half and half, soy, whole, skim, 2%? Sorry, but we’re out of one percent this morning. If you want I can run and get some next door.”

“Whole’s good.”

“Great. How much milk do you like? Lighter? Is this a 16 Oz or twenty? Know what? I’ll just mix it in a cup for you first.”

“Thanks.” [He gets to work.] “What kind of coffee is it?”

“Oh, I completely understand what you’re asking… I worked at starbucks for a while before here. We have a specially selected blend of hand picked beans. It’s very unique to the store.”

“French Roast?”

“No Ma’am” [speaks slower] “This is a hand chosen blend. It’s light, but strong. I think you’ll enjoy it.” [pours coffee into thermos. Hands me the remainder in the paper cup]. “Why don’t you try that. If you want I can add more milk, or more coffee if it’s too creamy for you.”

[sip] “Nope, this is great. Thanks a lot.”

“Great! I’m so pleased to hear it! Thanks so much for your business and have an especially wonderful day.”

[Feeling disarmed for some reason, I take my thermos and head underground toward the subway.]


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  1. Creepy:)

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