Gchat eavesdropping

June 9, 2010

A glimpse into our world…

The conversation begins with a link to an embryology website.

Me: http://www.indiana.edu/~anat550/embryo_main/
Friend: hey thanks
Me: sure. How you doing?
Friend: not bad i guess, i’ve begun talking to myself
Me: welcome to the club
Friend: haha
Me: talk to yourself about school or in general?
Friend: it started about school, i would yell at my computer when i got one wrong that i thought was right. but this morning i was just saying stuff while having a cigarette. I can’t wait until this test is done.
Me: hahaha
Friend: howre u holding up?
Me: okay. yesterday I gave up on micro since it wasn’t sticking, I haven’t been really anxious about anything, but i hit a rut the past few days and wasn’t learning anything. so, i started doing practice questions to see how I’m doing over all, and apparently i have a knack for biostats, but not for embryology
Friend: yeah i hate those ruts…
Me: i mean,there’s still time.
Friend: heard a guy from phish talking about 20 minute jams and about how if you dont slug it out for the first 15 minutes you dont get to the last 5 minutes that are amazing. and i feel like thats what studying is.
Me: can I post that on the blog? I will leave your name out.
Friend: because i feel bad sometimes when i just cant get it together but its necessary to have those bad days because eventually it will come around and youll learn a ton. hah really? Ok then
Me: Yeah. You will be “friend.”
Friend: yeah i dont care, just dont have my name up there… haha! I’m going to be published

2 Responses to “Gchat eavesdropping”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Rozzle! Long time reader, first time poster 🙂 As someone who is 5 days away from her exam, I have to say that reading this post made me feel oddly inspired (I say oddly because it seems that nothing has really been inspiring me lately). Anyways, thanks for the post and hopefully all is going well with you!

    • buramoe2 Says:

      Hey there – thanks for your comment. I love comments.
      You are super smart and will be a great doctor. Good luck in five days, not that you need it.

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