Internet Hide and Seek

June 11, 2010

I recently got a small writing gig and have been debating whether to use Roz or Rosalyn for the by line. Things to consider: Internet searches. That got me to thinking about how people get to this blog, if not via my own gchat advertising…

Here are the searches that have lead strangers to find Plotzk.

plotzk 18
seven dwarfs names and pictures 8
the seven dwarfs names and pictures 6
coffee can’t concentrate 4
julius caesar death 4
roz plotzker blog 3
birthday thoughts 3
plotzk blog 2
can’t concentrate too much coffee 2
soap bubbles 2
picture of seven dwarfs at work 2
burnt chickpeas 2
funny seven dwarf pics 2
plotzk, blog 1
why morning sputum is requaried 1
cotton fibers 1
pelvic exam video 1
29 january 2010 birthday thought 1
sleep apnea 1
parakeet snoring 1
can’t concentrate drinking coffee 1
“syringe” “i don’t want any” “doctor” “n 1
drank coffee cannot concentrate 1
health lectures brooklyn 2010 1
there are days that i cannot concentrate 1
coffee cant focus 1
can’t concentrate after drinking too muc 1
wordpress plotzk 1
seven dwarfs with names 1
nebulizer mask patient explain 1
“eagles fight song” courtland 1
acute myocardial infarction 1
sleepy seven dwards 1
paul carvel 1
too much coffee concentrate 1
how many lumbar punctures meningitis 1
from may 17 to may 31 the universe resem 1
7 dwarfs pictures and names 1
cant concentrate on coffee 1
too much coffee cant concentrate 1
mean dwarfs 1
the seven dwarfs pictures with no writin 1
sex for money 1
arabian women 1
snow globe buddha 1
neurological disorder in film 1
too much coffee can’t focus 1
“melanie brozosky” 1
barometer for kids 1
hiiiooowaå 1

First, I’m completely ecstatic that a few of these searches actually intended to find this site – Thanks, Aunt Mimi, Aunt Sarah, and Aunt Heleen. As for the other searches, hopefully that picture of the seven dwarfs I posted came in handy to whoever was looking for it. To those over caffeinated souls who couldn’t concentrate, I feel ya.

Finally, I should mention “Melanie Brozosky”. She is a friend from way back. She’s a personal hero of mine for raising two children, and not killing either one yet. Now she has a blog. To celebrate, you can click the link to read it. Or, click melmel on the blog roll.


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