no, YOU stay calm

June 14, 2010

If I hear the words “High Yield” one more time I’m going to hit someone with my laptop. Probably whoever it was that said, “High Yield”.

With one week left, I have heard advice that is theoretically brilliant and realistically bullcrap.

For example, most websites suggest something like this: For the last few days, briefly review the topics you need to (3 hours), solidify with some practice questions(1-2 hours), go for a run, eat a healthy meal, do a few hours of general practice questions, and don’t forget to get plenty of rest and  stay calm.

STAY calm? I’m supposed to be calm in the first place? Also, how do I get through all of pharmacology in 3 hours (yes, a totally calming endeavor)? As for jogging, when was I supposed to pick up that hobby? And what if I don’t have time to get groceries for my healthy meal, because if I rush (is that jogging?) to the store it might interrupt my calmness that I in theory have maintained? Most importantly, which practice questions do I do? We have seventeen different sets of practice questions. Should I do the Kaplan ones or the USMLE World ones? (For the non-med school readers… these are pretty much identical, with very subtle differences.  If they  were human beings, Kaplan would have gone to private school and USMLE would have gone to public).

While my healthy lunch is burning on the stove, is it okay if I watch just one little tiny youtube video of the latest 12 year old covering a Lady Gaga song? When do I get to zone out?

Who knows how this week will go.  I should at least get some rest, and dream of a composed ordered life of productive memorization and physical fitness. As for tomorrow – one step at a time.


3 Responses to “no, YOU stay calm”

  1. Miriam Greenwald Says:

    Ah yes, even when you’re young and resilient and full of energy (at least more than me, since I’m sixty one, yikes) you do need to zone out one way or the other! Good luck! I wish I had energy period, because I find myself zoning out too much since I’m exhausted. Tonight I did not work on the mini health clinic. But some of the wonderful medical miniatures I ordered came today! Whoopie!

  2. Claire Says:

    this reminds me of people who tell you to center YOURself. I might be able to center MYself (if I even know my own center) but it always annoys me when other people use it as a command. good luck with your week, roz. viva la youtube video!

  3. Emily Says:

    hahaha rozzo I love this look into my future in 1 year. Someone asked me the other day if I was planning to get an Rx membership next year, and I was like “wtf are you talking about?” Ah, the silly details that come to rule our existence for a time… GOOD LUCK DARLING! You’re crazy smart, you will rock this thing!

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