No progress without panic

June 16, 2010

Yesterday I went jogging, got health food (well, orange juice), studied in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and meditated. Feeling great about myself, I took a practice test. But the only things I remembered from the garden were the roses and kids on a field trip.  All calm deteriorated in 46 questions.

Luckily a good friend – Anna, a botany enthusiast who introduced me to jogging last summer – was in town. She also introduced me to cigarettes, which I’m not a big fan of. But yesterday we sat on a bench and split one. (public service announcement – smoking causes everything bad. don’t smoke.) Maybe I was too calm. As Anna pointed out, progress doesn’t happen without a little panic. but only a little.

My friend flies back to LA today. she said if I need to talk in the middle of the night, it’s okay because of the 3 hour time difference. The silver lining is 3000 miles long.

Now, back to bacteria. In a coffeeshop, not a garden, with a cup of joe (but just one).


4 Responses to “No progress without panic”

  1. Sarah Brennan Says:

    Hi Roz,
    You’re kidding about the smoking aren’t you? I know the studying and exams get to you.(I remember that stress very well!) Is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden near your apartment?
    Aunt Sarah

  2. buramoe2 Says:

    Hi Aunt Sarah,

    Don’t worry, I don’t smoke. I had a drag of my friend’s cigarette yesterday, but this is a very very rare occurrence. And yes, I live down the street from BBG.

    love, roz

  3. Sarah Brennan Says:

    Hi Roz,

    That’s great that you’re near the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. That must be a wonderful place to walk or to sit on a bench when the weather is nice.

    Do you remember my friend Laureanne who died about 6 years ago? She grew up in Brooklyn although she didn’t have a Brooklyn accent.

    Aunt Sarah

  4. Miriam Greenwald Says:

    I hope your calm lasted. I hope too you never touch a cigarette again!:( Remember your grandfather used to smoke a pipe and what made him stop was that he developed a precancerous lesion on his lip.

    Just had to get that in.

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