After the boards

June 18, 2010

A few folks have asked what I’m up to once this test is over.

Obviously, I’m going to the desert.

From the 25 to the July 3rd I’ll be volunteering with a humanitarian group, No More Deaths, in Arizona. I will be working in their desert camp for a week setting out water and food, and providing medical attention to migrants crossing “one of the deadliest” parts of the border. Hopefully the work will make it less deadly. NMD also does some legal work in Mexico and in Tuscon, but that isn’t my assignment.

Then when I get back – fireworks! THEN I will learn how to be a neurologist. An exciting week and a half, no?

I think that you can’t have internet without water, so I doubt there’s wifi in the desert. Blogging opportunities may be sparse. Then again, maybe there are antennae hidden in the cacti.


One Response to “After the boards”

  1. Sarah Brennan Says:

    Hi Roz,
    Will you be going to Arizona to volunteer with anyone you know? Please be careful there.
    Aunt Sarah

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