in the world

June 21, 2010

When I was on a study abroad program I used a lot of superlatives. There was the most beautiful church in the world, and the best chinese food in the world, and also the prettiest sunlight in the world. I had a friend who told the funniest jokes in the world. My pastry-obsessed roommate found the most amazing bakery in the world. (I never really stopped to think how weird it was that all these pinnacles of human accomplishment happened to end up in Rome, and that I happened to stumble upon all of them).

After a few months I found out I had a reputation for being a walking superlative.

Maybe this is my tendency – to extrapolate just a little, from “good” to “best ever”. Maybe I’m enthusiastic? I guess there are things you can’t know about yourself until someone points them out to you. I didn’t know I was short until 2008. I thought everyone else was tall.

It’s two days before the USMLE (is this the hardest exam in the world?). Clearly my mind is starting to wander. I’ve heard this means I’m ready.


5 Responses to “in the world”

  1. Rob Says:

    This post is your best ever!

    Good luck with the exam.

  2. Sarah Brennan Says:

    I like that phrase “a walking superlative”. I just think you’re amazing, Roz!

    Every time you mention that exam, I keep thinking it should be USMILE.

    Aunt Sarah

  3. Irene Plotzker Says:

    Along similar lines, I remember, when you were a child, one of your favorite phrases was “I can hardly wait!” I assume right now you can hardly wait for the exam to be over, but back then the phrase had a much more positive spin.

    Good luck on the exam!

    Love, Mom

  4. Heleen Says:

    Best of luck honey!!! I know you’ll do great!! (I have total faith in you!!)

  5. Miriam Greenwald Says:

    Maybe it does mean that. Don’t overstudy!

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