Seven eleventh

July 10, 2010

Yesterday I met up with Tammy. We’ve been friends since the end of third grade. Probably longer. Actually, we were neighbors in some shtetl in a past life. In 1991 I convinced her that her parents wouldn’t mind if we walked to 7-11 by ourselves to get slurpees. I still can’t believe she fell for it. Tam, sorry again for getting you in trouble.

Now that we both are new yorkers – her in queens, me in kings – the 7-11 on 14th street at 6th Ave in Manhattan is our midpoint. Yesterday she convinced me that it was Free Slurpee Day. Just when the wild cherry froth filled the dome lid exactly, she says, “oh wait. it’s not today. it’s on sunday. July eleventh.”. On the one hand, I paid two dollars for something I thought cost nothing. On the other hand, I get a free slurpee tomorrow. The decision weighing on my mind: blue raspberry, mountain dew, or both?

A few important shout outs: happy birthday H. Allen Scott, and congratz to Liz for getting hitched.


One Response to “Seven eleventh”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Sorry! I screwed up the dates! No, you didn’t get me in trouble for 7-11 back in the day. Maybe for other (semi) illicit trips. But it was so good to catch up. Good to know we’ll always be friends. And we’ll be like 80 and still getting slurpees. I forgot to get my free one yesterday! Oops!

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