Results are in

July 15, 2010

Well I got my board scores, and I’m going to be a doctor!

Now that it’s done, I have a new perspective on things. Here’s how I would describe the past two years, with a fantastic housing analogy:

Imagine you decide to buy a home. You research the housing market, spend a year looking at different options, pick your top choices, apply for a mortgage, and finally close. That’s getting into med school.

You move your stuff in, change your address, figure out how to get from your new place to work/school/wherever you go during the day (maybe it’s none of my business). You feel like you live there. That’s the first year.

Then the toilet breaks. You have to call a plumber ¬†because there is no landlord. You don’t just live there; now you’re responsible for your home and your toilet. That’s year two.

Since you’re a responsible homeowner – paying the mortgage, fixing the shit that breaks down – you realize you need to paint the house. You spend ALL SUMMER working your ass off. You go through periods of hate and love for your commitment. Everyday it feels like you haven’t accomplished anything. You don’t even know if the paint you chose is the right color. Finally you finish the last square foot. You go on vacation. You never want to see your house again. That’s the boards.

When you get back, you stand in front of your yard. The color is not bad; it looks nice! You have an enormous sense of relief knowing you don’t have to paint the house again. Assuming you pass step 1.

Will be announcing my housewarming/board passing celebration soon. Stay tuned.


4 Responses to “Results are in”

  1. Chris Says:

    please keep me posted, i will celebrate with you.

  2. Claire Says:

    she shoots! she scores! congratulations.

  3. MAZAL TOVERS! You’re ganna be a great doc!

  4. vanessa Says:

    CONGRATS! you’re gonna be the best doctor eva.

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