Weekend, a la drug store

July 19, 2010

If my weekend were a Rite Aid, the aisle signs would be like this:

Aisle 1: Zipcar, two guys from facebook, New Jersey road maps, traffic jam

Aisle 2: Fog, Dirt roads

Aisle 3: Plastic cups, potato chips, strangers from Manhattan, minivan, dance mix CDs

Aisle 4: Eggs, coffee, sunscreen, beer, inflatable rafts

Aisle 5: Cards, potato chips, sporting goods, camping gear, shampoo

Aisle 6: Charcoal, lighterfluid, blankets, fire works, wood, potato chips, tonic

Aisle 7: Coffee, oranges, smoke detector, fire extinguisher, bug spray, towels, address book, pen  

Aisle 8: Ice cream, New Jersey traffic jam, pillows


2 Responses to “Weekend, a la drug store”

  1. steph Says:

    Deli counter: Laugh sandwich with a side of dancing

  2. buramoe2 Says:

    That comes with potato chips

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