Hi from the hospital

July 30, 2010

Hello long lost blog. I’ve missed you this week.

I have two minutes to write- I JUST got a page. How do the residents know when I’m checking my email?

I’ve mentioned my mom’s weekly Torah-portion-email-turned-blog (check out Irene on the blog roll). This week’s entry had some good food for thought, by way of our family friend Stanley

“For the Bible, “love” is action, not an emotion…  Plus, in the Biblical vocabulary, “heart” is the seat of the intellect while it is the “intestines” which are the seat of the emotions.”- stanley

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t getting evangelical. Since I started my neurology clinic, everything is about location. If something is wrong, where’s the problem? A man isn’t aware of the left side of the world * I know, crazy* – There’s a lesion on the right parietal lobe. A kid won’t stop eating even when he is 300 pounds – the ventral medial hypothalamus. Apparently art stimulates specific points in the visual cortex associated with emotion, and don’t get me started on music…

Alright. Page. gotta go. more soon.


2 Responses to “Hi from the hospital”

  1. furrydoc Says:

    a wise classmate observed in the mid-1970’s when head scanning was new, if we have CT’s to identify lesions, we really don’t need neurologists to either deduce the problem by exam or the pathologist to confirm the examiner’s impression at brain cutting.

  2. buramoe2 Says:

    Right. Just like if we have WebMD we don’t need doctors…

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