A journal entry from October 2007

August 6, 2010

I found my drawer full of journals. I kept a mostly-daily journal for years, before wordpress made them obsolete and primitive compared to blogs.

I taped things into them (can’t tape stuff into blogs); you can see handwriting (to clarify, this font is not my handwriting); and I was a terrible writer. (I might still be terrible, but you’ll never know because I get to edit on blogs. So, ha.)

Anyway, the day after I was accepted to med school – not SUNY, another one in Philadelphia – I had a dream:

“Last night I had a dream that I was walking to a med school interview in Philly. [John Montrose] was with me . I was running late. Then I saw a bus slowing down that was headed in the right direction. John said I should go ahead and he would meet me there. I got on the bus. When I sat down I noticed that a tooth felt loose. Suddenly my tongue pushed the gum hard enough that the tooth popped out. the botton one, off to the side. I thought it would be okay, the interviewer wouldn’t notice. Then, the front tooth next to it felt unsteady, and so did the one next to that. I realized all four front botton teeth were unsteady. As I touched each with my tongue, they came out as if they’d been dentures. I was horrified. I thought how I must look. Then I turned to the person next to me to ask, ” Do i look ridiculous? Can you tell my teeth are missing?” Before I could say anything I noticed over his shoulder that we’d gone onto the bridge to New Jersey. I ran to the front of the bus. There was a stop  I’d missed because my teeth were coming out, and I wanted to ask if I could get out right there. But there was no driver when I got to the front, only an empty seat. I jumped into the driver’s seat, turned off the autopilot. That’s when I realized I couldn’t control the bus; in an attempt to pull over, I crashed it right through the rail guard and it plumitted into the  delaware rive just as I woke up.”

Ripe with metaphors, no? If anyone out there wants to weigh in on a dream interpretation, please comment.


2 Responses to “A journal entry from October 2007”

  1. teeth are supposed to symbolize strength; you were probably worried about school stuff!

  2. Rob Says:

    Private journals obsolete, you say? Surely there are plenty of thoughts you might confide to your notebook that you wouldn’t wish to share with the internet at large.

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