A few quick announcements

August 8, 2010

Announcement 1 – A friend and I are having a stoop sale today. On 5th ave, between 5th and 6th streets. If you are in the market for a map, humidafier, or any article of clothing, please stop by. Those who spend over $10 get a prize.  (My great great uncle was in marketing. can you tell?)

Announcement 2. Another friend is looking to sublet her apartment in Redhook for 3 months, starting october 1st. Any takers?

Announcement 3. I’m getting a haircut. Suggestions for style are welcome.

In response to rob’s comment, that I write things in a real journal which I don’t on the internet: good point… but how did you know?? Have you been reading my diaries?!?   Obviously this is for the best, otherwise acronyms like TMI wouldn’t exist. I think that people have become incredibly open about certain aspects of their personal lives  (sex life, gynecological issues,  etc). But, I’m not going to delve too deeply into those. My mom/dad/aunts/ god knows who else read. The internet is a public place. Then there’s stuff people are not open about. When you’re riding the subway, you don’t often hear,”My yearly salary is..,” or “I just joined this awesome cult…” or “Did you know that severe paranoid schizophrenia runs in my family?”  So, if I had a salary, joined a cult, or my relatives thought the government was recording their thoughts, not gonna post it. YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW.

This weekend has been a blessing. On friday I pressed the reset button of life: cleaned the apartment, did all my laundry – even the stuff you wash by hand that just stays dirty for months. I made rugalach. I packed stuff for the stoop sale. I wrote a blog post for the other blog, and played a few games of solitaire with a real deck of cards. I fell asleep at 10 pm.

Yesterday there was a BBQ and then a free concert, both in the park. Lessons learned: grilled peaches are a crowd pleaser, and outdoor free concerts have nothing to do with music. Ended the night at my friends’ party – Jen, Vera, Rahel, you are amazing women. I saw a friend who just finished the rotation I’m about to start. It was good to get the scoop, but not necessarily from my drunk pal at midnight. Reliability questionable. At the end of the night I talked to another guy who just got back from Bali. He was there for 6 1/2 months learning to cook Balinese food. Unfortunately 12 of the 20 essential spices are not available in the United States. Heartbreaking, no?

So, that’s been the weekend. Hope to see some of you today at the stoop.


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