Just Another Post

August 19, 2010

The days are getting longer/shorter.

I’m waking up at 5:something, get to the hospital for 7 am sign out.

Then… a short lecture about a case,  see pat!ents, round round round, a noon lecture about healthcare [sometimes worth skipping the first half to grab coffee, or stare at the pet store puppies for a few minutes, or ideally both], see more pat!ents, a lesson about the GI tract from our attending, a three hour learning session about the heart, finish my notes for the day, out by 6:something enough time to get groceries for dinner.

Was that a run-on sentence?

Here’s some art. There’s a poster of this picture hanging in the hall, next to my patient’s room.


One Response to “Just Another Post”

  1. That is a very busy life style. I am very impressed and I hope that I can be in the same position of helping people while learning new things to help those same people at the same time.

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    Nursing Schools

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