Better to light a candle than curse the dark

August 26, 2010

All right. I was really tired and cranky last night. Thanks to everyone who checked in.

When I was a kid my parents made us go around the dinner table and say “something good that happened today”. Here goes.

I came home in time to pick up my pants. They were too long and an expert tailor around the corner made it so I don’t trip anymore. Then I saw a friend standing outside. He’s from Accra. We talked about Ghana’s film industry. I headed home, only to find that the super and his wife/partner (?) were in the garden. I learned  the words for eggplant, tomato, basil and string bean in Spanish. Unfortunately I don’t know how to spell them. On the way up the stairs I realized I know 5 of my neighbors (because I saw all of them and they said hi). A New York miracle.

Other good things today:

I did everything on my to do list.

My new resident was great to work with

I got a good mid-rotation evaluation

I found out I don’t have lyme disease

After two days of rain, the weather changed its mind.

I remembered to eat lunch

A patient gets to go home today

grilled cheese mushroom sandwich for dinner. mozzarella.

I finished at 5 pm – just in time to pick up my pants and chat with my neighbors


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