A quick hello from the hosptial

September 2, 2010

I just took out a PICC line. It’s a very thin tube that goes from a major vein in the arm (the basilic vein in this patient) through a bigger vein (subclavian) all the way to the heart. PICC lines get put in when someone needs medication over a long period of time. This patient had it for about 8 weeks.

Here’s how to take a PICC line out: First you take off the adhesive plastic (think scotch tape) that protects it. Then you cut the two stitches that are holding it in place. Finally, you get some guaze, cover the area where it’s been inserted, and pull. Out comes an 18 inch plastic tube from a woman’s arm.

This is a wikipedia article about them, for more info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peripherally_inserted_central_catheter

Welcome to my world.


One Response to “A quick hello from the hosptial”

  1. furrydoc Says:

    And when you take out the foley you have to deflate the balloon first to prevent awakening the patient in the next bed with a scream

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