that’s what he said

October 2, 2010

A few quotes from my friend Katrin, who says, “Here are are 18 reasons why I’m a feminist (and you should be too)”.

“There is a good principle, which created order, light, and man, and an evil principle, which created chaos, darkness, and women”.

“Girls begin to talk and to stand on their feet sooner than boys because weeds grow more quickly than good crops”.
-Martin Luther

“I consider women writers, lawyers, and politicians as monsters and nothing but five-legged calves. The woman artist is merely ridiculous. But I am in favor of the woman singer and dancer.

“Instead of calling them beautiful there would be more warrant for describing women as he unaesthetic sex. Neither for music, nor for poetry, nor for fine art, have they really any sense or susceptibility”.

“As regards male and female, the relationship of superior and inferior is permanent”.

“When a women inclines to learning, there is usually something wrong with her sex apparatus.”

-“No men who really think deeply about women retain a high opinion of them; men either despise women or they have never thought seriously about them”.
-Otto Weininger

“Woman is a vulgar animal from whom man has created an excessively beautiful ideal”.

“Silence is an ornament for women”.

-“They have the right to work wherever they want to-as long as they have dinner ready when you get home”.
— John Wayne

“The souls of women are so small, that some believe they have none at all”.
-Samuel Butler

Every woman would prefer to be a man, just as every deformed wretch would prefer to be whole, and every idiot and fool would prefer to be learned and wise”.
-Torquato Tasso

If a woman does not go just as you want her to go, chase her from your bed, give her a divorce, and let her go.
-Ecclesiastes 25:13-26

-I have found one good man in a thousand, But not one good woman among them.
— Ecclesiastes 7:28

Let the woman learn in silence with subjugation. But suffer not women to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
-New Testament, Timothy 2:11-12

The head of the woman is the man… for man was not made from woman, but woman from man. Neither was man made for woman, but woman for man.
-Corinthians 11:3-10

The sacred books should be burned rather than made available to women. — Talmud, Sotah 3:4, Jewish Scripture

“I have always been astonished that women were allowed to enter churches. What conversation can they possibly have with God?”


5 Responses to “that’s what he said”

  1. Miriam Greenwald Says:

    Very disheartening that there is this long long long tradition of antifeminism and it’s found in so many cultures. But that is being remedied, I hope permanently. I hope it’s not a biological thing.

  2. saha Says:

    “After several woman collapsed upon completing the 800 meter dash at the 1928 Olympics, the powers that be in the world of running decided that women lack the constitution to run long distances. Running was thought to be not only unladylike, but dangerous for frail, frail ladies. Some hypothesized that running long distances could cause a woman’s uterus to fall out of her body, and we all know that the worst thing that could possibly happen to a woman is NOT HAVING BABIES. Women were barred from racing distances of more than 200 meters.

    In 1967, Kathrine Switzer, a 20 year old college student, registered to run the Boston Marathon under the name “K. V. Switzer.” When race officials discovered that K. V. was a woman, the race had already started. This picture shows perfectly-named Boston Marathon official Jock Semple attempting to physically remove Switzer from the event, reportedly shouting, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!” Switzer’s college athlete boyfriend bodychecked the race official and the pair continued running.

    She successfully completed the race in 4 hours and 20 minutes, and seven years later won the New York City Marathon with a time of under 3:08.”

  3. Rob Says:

    A great list of reminders. Funny how these guys all sound like they rushed home after having been stood up on a date to pen some late night vitriolic philosophy.

    Admittedly I did chuckle at Nietzsche’s hypothesis. (As though he knew anything about a woman’s sex apparatus.)

  4. Albert Says:

    I can’t help but to notice that these quotes are all very old, the newest being John Wayne. There are plenty of reasons to have a moderate feminist attitude, but these are not some. The problems we need to focus on are those of today, not those of yesterday.

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