O R else

November 8, 2010

I love surgery.

Last week I held a long rod with a camera on the end of it, which, oh yeah, was inside a woman’s torso. Two enormous HD monitors projected her gallbladder, along with the little clamps the surgeons were using to take it out. The next day, my friend and I watched a five hour procedure. The best part came about three hours into it, when the chief reached his hand into the lady’s abdomen and pulled out a 4 lb spleen.

It reminded me of my first C-section.

I know. gross. but really cool.

The highlight of my week was probably Thursday. (How could you top a spleen? I’ll tell you). A woman came into the emergency room. She had had a colonoscopy two days ago. By the time of admission her fever was about 101 degrees. She was in so much pain she couldn’t move. During the surgery – an exploratory laparotomy – we found an abscess. By the way, “abscess” is one fo the most commonly misspelled words in medicine. Anyway, as we were draining it we saw a bit of “bowel content”. Meaning, the stuff had a way to get out of the bowel. There was a hole in Ms. Unlucky’s colon about the size of a dime. We put the camera away and did surgery the old fashioned way. I experienced my first right hemi-colectomy.

Don’t get the wrong idea. The highlight of my week wasn’t that a woman had a hole in her large intestine. The highlight came when I got to help fix it.

Looking forward to jumping out of bed at 4 a.m. tomorrow for a 24 hour day. I’m on call again. Yippee.


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