I made the cut!

November 18, 2010

Nope. Not a surgery pun. I didn’t even get to go to the OR today.

But, I found out Plotzk is ranked #2 on a list called “Top 50 Health and Medical Blogs by Graduate Students” by a woman named Miranda. (That gives you an idea of the writing caliber we medical-blog-writing-graduate-students have to offer).

Okay – it’s 6:30 – back to work. I have 90 minutes until bed.

Wait. Two more important things.

1) I came up with a new ice cream flavor – cookies and creamsicle. taste testers needed.

2) Shout out to my pal Alice, who was in town for a very exciting interview – great to see you!

Now for work.

Wait. two more [less] important things:

1) For fellow poetry lovers – “Eel on Reef” by Uche Nduka will change how you read. If you’re interested, here’s a scavenger hunt: Find the poem that says “To us, all words are destinies.”

2) I’m on call this Saturday. If anyone wants to hang out, come to the ER at Lenox Hill and say you have chest pain. They’ll admit you faster.


One Response to “I made the cut!”

  1. Alice Says:

    A Shout Out!!!!! I feel so famous!!!!!!:) Can’t wait to see you again!

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