My favorite virus

November 22, 2010

Weekends on call go by quickly – maybe because not sleeping makes it one long day instead of two.

Saturday was slow. I spent most of the day waiting for two patients to pee so they could go home. I would get to sleep by 11. I was sure.

Then – around my hoped-for bedtime – two patients arrived for emergency surgeries. From midnight until about 4:30 I was scrubbed and gowned in the OR. I’ll admit, it felt a little rockstar to be working on someone’s abdomen in the wee hours of the morning. Less Rockstar the next day, when my throat started bothering me. I had to stop talking for a while (if you can imagine such a thing). But I couldn’t sleep.

I spent Sunday morning in a coffee shop amusing myself by sending my friends angsty poetry I’d written years ago, and asking them what they thought. [this is a favorite pastime of mine- torturing my loved ones.] Eventually I went to a friend’s apartment near by and passed out for an hour. (thanks Lisa).


My sore throat is now joined by a low fever. It’s keeping me out of the hospital today. Ironic, no? Instead, I’ve slept, done the dishes, and found out exciting news from my good pal Alice. Congratz on the next stage! You are a real rockstar.

Maybe this little virus I swallowed is a lucky one. I think I’ll name it Mom, after the woman who used to say to me “Roz, relax.”

Here’s a little modern poetry by one of the greats.


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