November 26, 2010

Tal Ben-Shahar, in his PBS Special, suggested keeping a daily log of Hakaras HaTov, five good things that took place each day.  I keep my log in a grade school composition book obtained in the back to school sale.  It is very sporadic in entry dates, though I am fortunate that I am never at a loss to come up with all five.  These entries are always a look back, though, never anticipation of the good that might come my way tomorrow.  As the wise character Alfred Doolittle noted, “the Lord is throwing goodness at you but with a little bit of luck a man can duck.” ”

– Dad’s blog.

A lot of families spend their energy on trying to be normal. No one ever has accused the Plotzkers of normalcy, in spite of the fact that we are a nuclear family with 2.2 kids. (I count cats as 0.1). I’m thankful we’re smart enough to know better than to strive to be anything other than the strange, occasionally chaotic, group that we are.

It’s a tricky time of year for us. This weekend is the one year anniversary of my grandfather’s death. My grandmother’s fading health – and the tension that surrounds decisions of her medical management – is also on the table this Thanksgiving. Then again, Grandmom is 95. Not Bad, Lillian.

Anyhow, 5 good things that took place yesterday:

1) I saw an episode of Ally Macbiel

2) My family sat around a table together and had an exquisite meal

3) I met our new cat Sadie, who loves me

4) My aunt builds dollhouses for a hobby. she’s working on a miniature-health care center for a med school graduation present. Yesterday I saw the examining table she built – complete with detachable stirups in case I become an OB/Gyn!

5) Ice cream at midnight


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