Disney Princess Bathroom, or, Suburbination

November 28, 2010

Delaware has been swapped for Media, PA – hometown of JM’s parents, and apparently Wanda Sykes. I have 30 minutes until train-to-bus-to-subway-to-home.

John Montrose was raised in a house that some (I) would compare to a bed and breakfast. What comes to mind when you read the words “excessively homey” ? That’s their home. The food is wholesome. All the house plants are alive. And, can’t forget the wood burning stove that is going 24/7. Yep. Like I said.

I have a funny reaction to this place. At first – years ago – my instinct was to sink right in. I loved the comfort. But recently that’s been overriden by my impulse to tell dirty jokes, and show the Montroses weird Youtube videos. Thus, I am completing the yin yang of comfort to discomfort – one of natures many beautiful cycles. In my opinion.

Last night we went to a friend’s engagement party. JM’s parents lent me a fur coat. I felt like a cross between Lady Gaga and a bear.

The party was in a huge castle. A golden dragon greeted us, and we rode him over the moat – the draw bridge was under construction. Everyone was elegant and sophisticated. And Kanye West and Ke$ha were both there.

(Look at the lies I can come up with after a few days in the burbs. Fantastic. In my opinion.)

But, for real, it was in a beautiful house in the burbs. There may not have been a moat, but the daughter’s bathroom was decked out in Cinderella/Little Mermaid/Jasmine paraphenalia a la kindergarten-chique… Plus, there was a really good bartender. One of the perks about surgery is you never get to drink. When you  eventually do, a good bartender becomes a great one.

Anyhow, time for train-to-bus-to-subway-pizza-to-home.


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